During the day Patrick Wayner may seem like a mild(ish) mannered stay-at-home dad. But when left alone, he transforms into his alter ego, Painted Patch—a fierce and focused artist who wields a scroll saw as his weapon, transforming wood and reclaimed materials into magical creatures. Concentrating on faux taxidermy, he offers a more sustainable and humane way to enjoy the beauty of the animal kingdom. His work is a complex assemblage of wood, acrylic, aerosol and reclaimed materials (old books and their covers, suitcases, radio diagrams, etc.). Patrick draws inspiration from the spirit animal realm and totems, connecting viewers through multiple ideological and theological iconic imagery. Patrick Wayner resides in Gahanna, Ohio with his wife and two (NOT so mild mannered sons). He has exhibited his work at multiple galleries in Columbus and out of state.


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